M.Sc., M.A Eboa Body Elvis Moliki

Body is an experienced financial analyst trained in HTW Berlin, TH Wildau and HWR Berlin. He holds two master degrees in the field of finance and is passionate about corporate and entrepreneurial valuation, alternative investments, credit risk and M&A.

Besides his academic credentials, he also holds a certification in investment banking from Investment Banking Institute (New York). After various positions in the field of business and finance, Body returned to academia as an Associate Lecturer at HTW Berlin for the International Business programme assisting Prof. Dr. Ralf Hafner on the topic of Financial Markets, Institutions and Investments.

Body provides students in the LSM course with his financial knowledge and expertise as an Associate Lecturer on Corporate Finance and Controlling. His aim is to equip students with understanding on how to apply the techniques developed in corporate finance in real-world situations – providing a big picture on how all the concepts fit together.

Under this context, his expectation is to engage the students in corporate finance and controlling, in E-learning a Bloomberg Certification, real-world exercises and applicable company analysis.