My LSM Story

As much as you are an individual your LSM story is just as diverse and individual as you are. Pave the way to multinational companies and multifunctional management career paths by boosting your career and taking on the challenge of personally growing into Life Science Managers of tomorrow by studying the MBA&E Life Science Management Programme.

I decided to take a long break from work and study in Germany to experience the German health insurance system, which serves as the foundation for the Korean health insurance system. During my search for suitable programs, I came across HTW's LSM program, and I chose it without hesitation because I wanted to enhance my overall understanding of the pharmaceutical industry within the context of German public health. Now, having completed two semesters, I've not only gained valuable knowledge but also had the opportunity to collaborate and learn from talented colleagues across various fields. I commend myself for embracing this challenging journey.



After graduating with a bachelor's in sciences I decided to work in human resource management, but I wanted to pursue a career which had aspects of both, sciences and management. When looking for a master's course, I came across LSM Programme which had the perfect blend. Writing my master's thesis with a pharmaceutical company but also being able to work in my area of interest is something I always wanted to pursue and LSM has helped me achieve that. I am sure the valuable knowledge I have gained throughout this journey is going to enhance my future prospects!