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Life Science Management at HTW Berlin

The MBA&E Life Science Management study programme will provide you with comprehensive, industry-specific knowledge and prepare you for a management position in the life science industry. Taught entirely in English, this unique programme of study in Germany also features a number of practical modules.

During the three-semester programme you will

  • learn about key production processes, GMP, hygiene and clean room requirements and the handling of genetically modified organisms.
  • learn to analyse and assess the productivity of a life science product
  • gain knowledge about licensing, regulatory affairs and CMC
  • learn how to identify and investigate business lines in a dynamic market with changing framework conditions
  • learn about quality and risk management and how to manage complex projects.
  • develop your personal qualities and leadership skills with communication training and coaching

The MBA&E Life Science Management programme is aimed at engineers, natural scientists, business managers, industrial engineers and similar professionals.

The life science industry needs talented all-rounders

Developing a new life science product – for example a medicine, raw material or diagnostic marker produced with biotechnology — and then successfully introducing it to the market is a complex process. Scientists and engineers focus on finding suitable substances and developing efficient biotechnological production methods. Specific framework conditions need to be taken into account at an early stage, e.g. regulations for handling genetically modified organisms, sterile working conditions, special requirements for documenting work processes and complex legal licensing procedures. Business experts and lawyers assess the economic viability of the product, supervise the licensing process and analyse the market. Life science managers combine all of these disciplines. Life science managers understand the production conditions and the processes involved in the life science industry, are familiar with the licensing requirements for life science products and have the necessary business expertise.

Study in Germany’s “health capital”

Berlin has approximately

  • 280 medical technology companies
  • 260 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies,
  • 130 clinics,
  • 20 large research institutions and universities specialising in healthcare or life sciences
  • important political institutions (e.g. ministries and federal departments)

This makes Berlin one of Germany’s most important locations for the healthcare sector. The city offers you the perfect environment to specialise in life science management and develop links with industry at an early stage in your career.