Why study in Berlin

Study in the "Life Science Hotspot" Berlin

"Health Capital" Berlin is one of Germany´s most significant locations for the life science sector. With its numerous biotech, medical engineering and pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and public institutions, the city offers you an excellent base for networking, apprenticeships and project work potentials during your studies. Berlin counts:

  • 356 medical technology companies
  • 316 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies
  • 145 clinics
  • 40 notable research institutions and universities specialising in healthcare or life sciences and
  • 8 technology parks focusing on life sciences
  • major governmental bodies (e.g. ministries and federal departments)


You will study in one of the most interesting and multifaceted capitals in the world. With its international flair, high living standards, affordable living costs, offering a broad range of free time activities. Germany´s low tuition fees, safe and comfortable studying environment and excellent universities attract plenty of professionals from all over the world to study, live and work. Check out more information on the life science industry in Germany and Europe