Dr.-Ing. Lena Tholen

Lena Tholen is lecturer of the LSM project module "Management and Innovation". 

Currently Lena is an Associated Director for Cell Line Development and Bioprocess Development at FyoniBio managing complex customer projects from different areas of the biotech industry. Apart from customer projects she is involved in working on companies marketing strategy and technological development of FyoniBio.

Lena has studied biotechnology at the Technical University of Berlin, focused on medical biotechnology. After finalising her studies she went to KTH Stockholm for a research stay working at the Animal Cell Technology Group. She has received her PhD on the topic of developing alternative cell-free protein production systems based on CHO cells during her work at Fraunhofer IZI-BB in Potsdam.

Lena has 10 years academical and industrial experience in working on a broad range of most diverse projects related to generation of protein expression systems, cell line development and bioprocess development for biopharmaceutical production.